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PressurePerfect(TM) Therapeutic Massage
Pressureperfect(TM) therapeutic massage focuses on tight areas in muscle bellies, origins and insertions to reduce muscular pain. A comprehensive intake and a palpation assessment provides us with the information to design a plan for preventing or reducing muscular pain.

PressurePerfect(TM) Relaxation Massage
"Do Americans Suffer More Pain?" details a young man's journey to reduce and manage chronic pain: article , Spirituality & Health Magazine:
--Mark Liskey
Do Americans Suffer More Pain?


Lack of attention to weak links (injured areas or potential sites of injury) in workouts may prevent optimal fitness post-40. By taking weak links into consideration when designing a fitness program, you can "cheat" Father Time.  


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PressurePressure(TM) relaxation massage is our own brand of advanced massage designed to provide deep relaxation through the customized application of precise and appropriate pressure.
Mark explains PressurePerfect(TM)

Massage on the Main Line.
         Lisa Westfall, LMT

Combination Massage
Get the best of both worlds: relieve that tight area and relax.  



30 MINUTE MASSAGE......................40
60 MINUTE MASSAGE......................70
90 MINUTE MASSAGE................... .105
​60 MINUTE INTRODUCTORY.............45

WE HAVE A NO TIPPING POLICY. The prices you see are your out-the-door costs.
Massage membership spas, such as Massage Envy and Hand & Stone, offer 60 minute SESSIONS. In a 60 minute session, the massage is actually only 50 minutes long and tipping is encouraged. Once you do the math, you begin to realize that massage membership spas offer no real savings. In fact, you're probably going to pay more.
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