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       "Fundamentally different."

Hi. Thanks for visiting the PressurePerfect(TM) Massage Therapy (Mark Liskey & Associates) website. What makes us fundamentally different? 

For one, our own brand of massage: PressurePerfect(TM).
PressurePerfect(TM) relaxation massage is specifically designed to maximize the parasympathetic (relaxation) response. PressurePerfect(TM) therapeutic massage is designed to provide pain relief through precise application of appropriate pressure. 

In addition, we are continually incorporating the most relevant massage information into our work through our year-round PressurePerfect(TM) education program.

Lastly, we don't require you to commit to a monthly massage to receive a fair price. Nor do we charge extra for deep pressure. Thank you.

--Mark LiskeyCo-owner, BS, LMT, CNMT

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Our Old-Fashioned Client Care Policy

If you've become used to being rushed in and out of a massage room, relax, we won't do that to you. We schedule ample time between clients. And for a 60 minute session you'll receive 60 minutes of massage--not 50 minutes. Call us old-fashioned when it comes to client care.   
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